Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Safety Bulbs?
A: Safety Bulbs, or Safety Coated Light Bulbs are similar to “regular” light bulbs in function. The difference lies in the heat resistant coating that captures glass fragments in the event of light bulb breakage. This coating protects products, employees, customers and family members from glass shards.

Q: What types of coatings are available?
A: Teflon and silicone are the most common coatings. In certain applications custom coating formulations are used.

Q: Why should I consider LED replacement lamps?
A: LED replacement lamps are especially useful where bulb maintenance is time consuming or difficult to perform. The long life, high energy efficiency, and vibration resistance make LED replacement lamps an excellent choice in tough applications.

Q: Can I get safety bulbs in various colors?
A: Yes, we can safety coat, tint, and dye any bulb we sell. Color dyed satey coated bulbs are popular in restaurants where customer safety and mood lighting are important. Our LEDs come in many bright colors. Custom LED colors are not available at this time.


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