#313 Wide Angle LED Indicator Lamp


A bright LED for direct replacement of #313 Miniature Bayonet Based incandescent lamps. Built-in diffuser for wide angle viewing. Colors available: Red, Green, Amber, Yellow, Blue, and White. Voltage: 28V. Low current consumption saves energy.


Please Note: For optimum brightness and color saturation, please select the LED color closest to the color of the lens or diffuser the LED will be used with. White LEDs should only be used with clear or white frosted lenses.

These bright LEDs are ideal for mission critical applications such as power plant and utility displays, industrial equipment, and elevator controls. A molded diffuser lens increases the viewing angle making this LED more suited for use behind larger displays, switches or lens covers. Long-life, low power consumption, shock resistance, and extreme thermal tolerance make LEDs ideal for harsh industrial environments.

LED Advantages:


  • Up to 90% Energy Savings Over Incandescent Lamps.
  • Long Life, 100,000 hrs., Over 10 years!
  • Increased Safety, No glass that can shatter.
  • Reduced Relamping Labor Costs.
  • Shock and Vibration Proof.
  • Lower Operating Temperature.



Prices shown are for a Single-Chip LED lamp.

This LED is available in the following colors: Red, Green, Amber, Yellow, Blue, and White, and Blue. Mix and match colors for quantity discount pricing.

Voltage: 28V. Replaces miniature lamp #313

We’re here to help. Give us a call (856-427-9411) or email us to discuss your LED application

Minimum Order Quantity: 5

The following is a partial cross-reference list for our #313 LED.
These part numbers can be replaced with our LED lamp:
6VF02 GRAINGER 244-1072 ALLIED 313-28V-.17A-T3-1/4-MINBAY OSRAM 313-BP EIKO 313-BP USA 313-PHILIPS NORELCO 313-USA NORELCO 313/28V/0.17A/T3.25/BA9S 313/28V/0.17A CEC 313/28V/0.17A USA 313/28V/3.5CP CANDLEPOWER-INCORPORATED 313/28V/3.5CP USA 313/28V/.17A/T3.25/BA9S/MINI-BAYONET MICROLAMP 313/T3-1-4-28V-.17A-BA9S LAMPTECH 313 AC/DELCO 313 ANSI 313 BULB-DIRECT 313 CANDLEPOWER-INCORPORATED 313 CEC 313 CHICAGO-MINIATURE 313 EIKO 313 GENERAL-ELECTRIC 313 GENERAL-INSTRUMENT-CORP 313 GUIDE 313 HIDSI 313 INTER-MARKET-INCORPORATED 313 INTERLIGHT 313 JKL 313 LAMPTECH 313 MICROLAMP 313 NORELCO 313 NORMAN 313 PHILIPS 313 SATCO 313 SHOGYO 313 STANDARDPRO 313 SYLVANIA 313 THHC, 313 USA, 313 WESTINGHOUSE, 749-9180 ALLIED, 6240-00-155-8714 FEDERAL-STOCK-NUMBER, 15571-4 MILITARY-STANDARD, 25231-313 MILITARY-STANDARD, 26212 GENERAL-ELECTRIC, 26214, 27726-9 PHILIPS, 35133/313 SYLVANIA, 35133 OSRAM, 35133 SYLVANIA, 40578 EIKO, 40578 UPC, 50380 STANDARDPRO, 81130 EIKO, 81130 UPC, 193067 GUIDE, 277269/313 PHILIPS, 277269 PHILIPS, 1547139 GENERAL-MOTORS, 031293405784 EIKO, 045923069178 SATCO, 69549003804, 69549003804UPC STANDARDPRO, 6240001558714, AM313 AMERICAN-MINI-LAMP-INCORPERATED, GE-313 GENERAL-ELECTRIC, GE313 GENERAL-ELECTRIC, I/28V/0.17A/BA9S/T3.25/500H, I/28V/0.17A/BA9S/TUBE/500H, I/28V/4.8W/BA9S/T3.25/500H/313 USA, I/28V/4.8W/BA9S/T3.25/CL/500H/313 USA, I/28V/4.8W/BA9S/T3.25/CL/500H 313 USA, I/28V/5W/BA9S/T3.25/500H, I/28V/5W/BA9S/TUBE/500H, L313 AC/DELCO, MB-03130, ML-313 AIDLITE, MS25231-313 JKL, MS25231313 JKL, S6917 SATCO, SJ-1174/GE313 SUNG-JIN-BROTHERS, SJ-1174 SUNG-JIN-BROTHERS, SJ1174/GE313 SUNG-JIN-BROTHERS, SJ1174 SUNG-JIN-BROTHERS, T3.25/CL/28V/0.17A/BA9S/STD STANDARDPRO

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