#327 LED Utility Panel Lamp, Midget Flange Base


A direct LED replacement for #327 Utility Panel Lamps. Many colors available. Voltage: 24/28V AC or DC.


A direct LED replacement for #327 Utility Panel Lamps. Long-life, low power consumption, shock resistance, and extreme thermal tolerance make LEDs ideal for this task.

LEDs Offer These Advantages:

  • Up to 90% Energy Savings Over Incandescent Lamps.
  • Long Life, 100,000 hrs.,Almost 10 years.
  • Reduces Relamping Labor Cost.
  • Shock and Vibration Proof.
  • Lower Operating Temperature.
  • Increased Safety, No glass that can shatter.

This LED is available in the following colors: Red, Green, Amber, Yellow, Blue and White.

Voltage: 24/28V AC or DC.

Select lamp polarity for DC applications when ordering

Please Note: For optimum brightness and color saturation, please select the LED color closest to the color of the lens or diffuser the led will be used with.


The following is a partial cross-reference list for our #327 LED Lamp:
1C908 GRAINGER,28-1.12-106 CANIMPEX,28-1.12-106 MICROLITES,47-906-59/28V/0.04A/SX6S ORBITEC, 47-906-59/28V/0.04A ORBITEC, 47-906-59 ORBITEC, 47-906-59 SSTL, 78-8454-3412 3M, 175-327 INTER-MARKET-INCORPORATED, 244-1014 ALLIED, 262-0179-000 ROCKWELL, 327-GE/28V-40MA-MID-FLG LAMPTECH, 327-GE LAMPTECH, 327-PHILIPS NORELCO, 327-SYLVANIA/T1-3-4-28V-.04A-MID-FL LAMPTECH, 327-SYLVANIA LAMPTECH, 327-USA NORELCO, 327/28V/0.04A/SX6S USA, 327/28V/0.04A/T1.75/MIDGET-FLANGED, 327/28V/0.04A CEC, 327/28V/0.04A LUMIACTION, 327/28V/0.04A USA, 327/28V/0.34CP CANDLEPOWER-INCORPORATED, 327/28V/0.34CP USA, 327/28V/.04A/T1.75/S.C.MIDGET-FLANGE MICRO-LAMPS, 327/28V/.04A/T1.75/S.C.MIDGET-FLANGE MICROLAMP, 327/28V/.04A/T1.75/S.C.MIDGET-FLANGED MICRO-LAMPS, 327/SX6S/T1.75 TOKYO-MINI-LITE, 327/T1-3-4-28V-.04A-MID-FLNG LAMPTECH, 327 AC/DELCO, 327 BULB-DIRECT, 327 CANDLEPOWER-INCORPORATED, 327 CEC, 327 CHICAGO-MINIATURE, 327 EIKO, 327 GENERAL-ELECTRIC, 327 GENERAL-INSTRUMENT-CORP, 327 GILWAY, 327 GUIDE, 327 HIDSI, 327 INDUSTRIAL-ELECTRIC-ENGINEERS, 327 INTER-MARKET-INCORPORATED, 327 INTERLIGHT, 327 JKL, 327 LAMPTECH, 327 MICRO-LAMPS, 327 NORELCO, 327 NORMAN, 327 OAK-SWITCH-SYSTEMS, 327 PHILIPS, 327 SATCO, 327 SHOGYO, 327 STANDARDPRO, 327 THHC, 327 TOKYO-MINI-LITE, 327 USA, 327 WESTINGHOUSE,749-9195 ALLIED, 937-7270 ALLIED, 6240-00-155-7836 FEDERAL-STOCK-NUMBER, 016100/28V/0.04A/SX6S ORBITEC, 016100/28V/0.04A ORBITEC, 016100 ORBITEC, 16100 ORBITEC, 28519 GENERAL-ELECTRIC, 35155 OSRAM, 35327, 40596 EIKO, 40596 UPC, 50246 STANDARDPRO, 209568 JAMECO, 273984 GUIDE,1550992 GENERAL-MOTORS, 4790659 SSTL, 9959118 ABCSC, 9959118 PHILIPS, 031293405968 EIKO, 045923069031 SATCO, 69549002463, 69549002463UPC STANDARDPRO, 6240001557836, AM327 ACELITE, AM327 AMERICAN-MINI-LAMP-INCORPERATED, AN3140-327, AN3140/327,CM-327 CHICAGO-MINIATURE, CM327 CHICAGO-MINIATURE,GE-327 GENERAL-ELECTRIC, GE327 GENERAL-ELECTRIC, HB327/28V/0.04A/MF/T5.8MM/C2F/16MMMOL/4.27L/1000H/,VACUUM HOSOBUCHI, HB327 HOSOBUCHI, I/28V/0.04A/SX6S/T1.75, I/28V/0.04A/SX6S/T1.75/4000H,I/28V/0.04A/SX6S/T1.75/7000H, I/28V/0.04A/SX6S/T1.75/7000H/327 USA, I/28V/0.04A/SX6S/T1.75/C2F/16MMMOL/7000H,I/28V/0.04A/SX6S/T1.75/C2F/7000H, I/28V/0.04A/SX6S/TUBE, I/28V/0.04A/SX6S/TUBE/4000H, I/28V/0.04A/SX6S/TUBE/7000H, I/28V/0.04A/SX6S8/T1.75/C2F/16MMMOL/7000H,I/28V/0.04A/SX6S8/T1.75/C2F/7000H, I/28V/0.04A/SX6S8.5/T1.75/16MM/5000H, I/28V/1.1W/SX6S/T1.75/7000H/327 USA, I/28V/1.1W/SX6S/T1.75/CL/7000H/327 USA, I/28V/1.1W/SX6S/T1.75/CL/7000H 327 USA,KH-327 KHT, KH327 KHT, L327 AC/DELCO, MB-03270, MB-03850, MB-03880, MF06.28.0404 BAILEY, ML-327 AIDLITE, ML-327 MICRO-LAMPS, ML327 MICRO-LAMPS, MS25237-327 JKL, MS25237327 JKL, OR-327 ORBITEC, OR327/28V/0.04A/SX6S ORBITEC, OR327/28V/0.04A ORBITEC, OR327 ORBITEC, P764317-536 AMSCO, P764317-536 AMSCO, S6903 SATCO, SJ-1128/GE327 SUNG-JIN-BROTHERS, SJ-1128 SUNG-JIN-BROTHERS, SJ1128/GE327 SUNG-JIN-BROTHERS, SJ1128 SUNG-JINBROTHERS,T1.75/CL/28V/0.04A/7M/F6/STD STANDARDPRO,T5MF-327/28V/0.04A LUMIACTION,T5MF-327 LUMIACTION,W-L-00111/1 FEDERAL-STOCK-NUMBER,WL00111/1

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