– CFL Shatter Resistant, Safety Coated, 13W Compact Fluorescent Lamp


Available wattage: 13W
Base: Medium Screw
Voltage: 120V
Features: Energy Saving
Damp location rated



These energy saving 13 watt CFL lamps have the equivalent light output of a 60 watt incandescent. This lamp differs from other compact fluorescent lamps by adding a shatter resistant safety coating to prevent broken glass shards from harming your customers, employees and products in the event of lamp breakage. The coating will also prevent costly clean ups as detailed in the EPA Cleanup and Safe Disposal of CFL Bulbs bulletin.

Our Safety Coating meets all food service and food handling application requirements and complies with Heath Department mandates. The coating also makes the lamps damp location rated for protected outdoor use.

Common uses include: hotels, signs, food service, amusement parks, household, decorative and landscape lighting.

Our Compact Fluorescent Advantages:

    • Up to 80% Energy Savings Over Incandescent Lamps.
    • Long Life, 10,000 hrs.
    • Low operating temperature reduces cooling costs
    • Increased Safety, Glass and Mercury remain in encapsulation if broken.
    • Reduced Relamping Labor Costs.
    • Shock and Vibration Proof.

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