Decorative Bent Tip LED 2.5W, Aluminum Base


Tired of “decorative bulbs” that look like they came from outer space? Our unique design uses an LED to simulate an actual incandescent filament! It will replace up to a 40 -Watt incandescent bulb with only 2.5 Watts and is dimmable on most circuits. It will pay for itself several times over during its 30,000-hour life! If used in an application that is left on for many hours each day the bulb will pay for itself in less than a year! Homeowners and facilities managers alike appreciate the savings in money and time that these bulbs provide.

120V, 2.5 Watt , UL Approved, Candelabra Screw Base.
An adapter is available for medium screw base use.

Note: This product is not safety-coated. Call us for pricing to have it coated or excellent pricing on large quantities. 856-427-9411

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These LED bulbs are available with clear glass or frosted glass(shown).

Typical applications include chandeliers, ceiling-fans, wall sconces, post fixtures, porch fixtures and decorative fixtures.

Our new line of Decorative LED’s can save you $100.00 over the life of the LED. Savings is based on 12 hours per day usage and an electric utility rate of $ .10 per KWH. See Electric Savings shown below:

12 hours per night x 365 days/year = 4,380 hours 4380 hours x 40 watt = 175,200 watts = 175 kilo watt hours (kwh) 175 kwh x $ .10 per kwh = $17.50 per year Life of LED is 30,000 hours = greater than 6 years Total Savings over Six Years = $105.00

LED Advantages:

  • Up to 90% Energy Savings Over Incandescent Lamps.
  • 2.5 watts to replace up to 40 watt Incandescent
  • Long Life, 30,000 hrs compared to 1,000 hrs incandescent
  • Reduced Relamping Labor Costs.
  • Shock and Vibration Proof.
  • Lower Operating Temperature.
  • Adapter available for Medium Screw Base use

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