HID Safety Coated, Shatter Resistant, Metal Halide Lamp, Medium Base


Available wattages: 50W, 70W, 100W, 150W, 170W.
Base: Medium Base
Universal Burn Metal Halide Lamp

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These HID Metal Halide Safety Coated Bulbs are used anywhere broken glass may injure people or contaminate products. The Safety Coating keeps all glass fragments within the encapsulation in the event of bulb failure or breakage.

PLEASE NOTE: The price shown is for a standard universal burn metal halide lamp. If you need a different type of metal halide lamp, we recommend that you call us at: 856-427-9411 with your exact specifications/lamp number, so we can give you the current price for the exact metal halide lamp you require.

Common uses include: warehouses, retail, construction lighting, exterior building lighting, street lighting, parking lots, gymnasiums, and sports facilities.

Facilities managers and electrical distributers value our ability to deliver a quality product at a competitive price. With over 30 years in the business we can typically supply any specialty lamp or LED you require. If you do not see it on our website or require larger quantities, please call or email for a quote.

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