Indicator, Annunciator, and Signal DC Bayonet LED Lamp


A great choice for replacing S6, G6, S8 and S11 Bulb shaped lamps!
360 degree viewing!
Fits Any Dual-Contact BA15D Lamp Socket.
Operates on 15V-40V DC or 12-28V AC, 100 mA.
The power consumption is < 1 Watt. Color: 3500K Light Output: 120 Lumens Directly replaces lamp #s: 1696, 306, 1692, 308, 1204, 1638, 1228, 1229, 1252, 304, 624, 1224, 6S6/24DC, 6S6/30DC, 895 Quantity Pricing Available: Please Call us at 856-427-9411



These bright LEDs are ideal for replacing Indicator, Annunciator and Signal Lamps. The design utilizes 15 High Output LEDs to provide a light source that can be viewed from almost any angle. Long-life, low power consumption, shock resistance, and extreme thermal tolerance make LEDs ideal for harsh industrial environments.

LED Advantages:

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