PAR38 LED Energy Saving Lamp-High Output


PAR38 Energy Saving LED Replacement Lamp, High-Output. 120V, 12Watt

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This is a high output LED version of a PAR 38 Floodlight Bulb. It contains 12 high output LEDs. It uses only 12 watts of power. Save energy with long life LED bulbs. Ideal for art galleries,museums and other applications where UV or IR radiation not wanted. They offer long life and low power consumption when used as replacement bulbs for general lighting.

LED Advantages:

  • Up to 90% Energy Savings Over Incandescent Lamps.
  • Long Life, 100,000 hrs., Almost 10 years.
  • Increased Safety, No glass that can shatter.
  • Reduced Relamping Labor Costs.
  • Shock and Vibration Proof.
  • Lower Operating Temperature.

Dimensions: 5.32″ Length (MOL), 5.31″ Diameter (MOD)

Lumens: 660

Volts: 85-260 V AC with reversed polarity protect

Watts: 12W

Cool White Color: 6000K-6500K

Warm White Color 2800K-3300K

Other Colors by Special Order: blue, green red, yellow

Wavelength: 510-525 nm

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