S14 LED Light Bulb For Wet Location


S14 Energy Saving LED Lamps. These popular decorative lamps are commonly used in decorative fixtures, signs, displays, scoreboards. amusement rides and attractions. 120V


Our S14 Energy Saving LED Light bulbs offer an environmentally friendly replacement for all S14 incandescent light bulbs. Power consumption is only 0.5W compared to 11 or 15 watts for the standard incandescent lamp. These lamps pay for themselves in reduced energy consumption in less than 1 year!*

Our custom-designed clear lamp replicates the standard clear incandescent lamp by using several warm-white LEDs to simulate an actual filament. These clear lamps are ideal for applications where you want to retain that classic look while upgrading to a more energy efficient lamp. We stock a wide variety of bright, saturated colors to choose from.

We add our shatter-resistant, safety coating to all lamps intended for outdoor or wet location applications at additional cost. This protects the lamp from moisture and your customers from glass shards in the event of lamp breakage.

Common Applications Include: Restaurant, Bar,Decorative Fixtures, Theatre Signs and Marquees, Shopping Malls, Scoreboards, Displays, Stage Lighting, Festival Lighting, Shop Windows, Amusement Parks and Attractions.

LED Advantages:

  • Up to 90% Energy Savings Over Incandescent Lamps.
  • Long Life, More than 40,000 hours!
  • Reduced Relamping Labor and Maintenance Labor Costs.
  • Shock and Vibration Proof.
  • Lower Operating Temperature.
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty.

This LED is available in the following colors: Clear, White, Red, Blue Green, Amber, Orange, Yellow

* Energy savings of $6.89/year for each lamp. based on 12 hr/day of use at $0.15/KWH. Your savings will vary based on usage and local electric rates.

Our LED’s can replace lamps supplied by the following companies and more: WESTINGHOUSE, EIKO, USHIO, SYLVANIA, PHILIPS, OSRAM, USA, HALCO, BULBRITE, FEIT, STANDARDPRO, LEDTRONICS

It is a Direct Replacement for lamp #ís: 11S14/CL, 11S14/R, 11S14/G, 11S14/B, 11S14/V, 11S14/W, 11S14/A, 11S14/Y, 15S14/CL

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